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Im 30 I Really Need A Hobby

Start Home Brewing

There comes a time in a mans life when he say's "I need some me time, I'm taking up a hobby".

Lucky for that bloke there is oxaus.com here I'll trail and test tons of great hobbies and activities letting you know a list of requirements and costs involved.

Oxaus is great reference for the bloke looking to try new things. Don't let getting old bumm ya out, fill your time making great memories by yourself  or with friends and family..

Right now i'm getting into home brewing, rc planes, and blogging. I do think Home brewing will be a featured topic of this blog for a few months to come so if your interested in learning more about home brewing, follow along as i delve into the wonderful world and journey to becoming a beer master.

Heck id settle for back yard brewer that can make cheap booze to save my friends and family money at holidays time.

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Im 30 I Really Need A Hobby Im 30 I Really Need A Hobby Reviewed by Randell Monaghan on April 01, 2018 Rating: 5

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