The Enemy Can Try - Poem

Australian Army Poem
Image by Bec T from Pixabay

Long after the sun sets
When the soldiers crouch right down
You know there’s something brewing
the enemy is about.

You may not hear them coming
Or see the reflection of there scope sight
One things for sure the enemy is ready to fight

Be on guard young soldiers
Cause we are in there sight
I hope you fellas remember basics
Your gonna need those skills tonight

Then out of bloody nowhere
The gun fire woke the still night
John, Jeff and Peter where shot dead!
In the first few seconds of the fight.

After about and hour, with a hint of daylight
The fight begins to die down
look lads we survived the night

There is not much more to tell you
Cause we hardly remember right
There was a lot of fucking carnage
Young boys made men that night.

If i say one thing, I know it will still be right
The enemy fought there hardest
But Australian lads win !!
every fucking time.

The Enemy Can Try
by Randell Monaghan
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