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It's never too late to find GOD, I don't want to try be a sales man and preach about GOD. Trying to convince people why they should believe or follow GOD is not my thing everyone will find him when they are ready.

In this post I want to talk about how and why I found God and why i believe its never too late to let the Holy Spirit into your heart.

I'm by no means an expert on God i'm currently still working on finding a good church and being baptised as a christian. however i have excepted god into my life and heart and i feel his love everyday.

I Pray everyday and night and ask for his help all the time, i surrender to God and know hes there watching over me.

Why I Was Searching For God

For the last 33 years of life I've been searching for something, life has never gone my way and I've never been truly happy with how my life was. I've read portions of lots of different religions bibles mostly to disprove them and joke with mates about how stupid people are for believing.

However in the last 3 years, I've really started to feel like i was being guided to towards Jesus and Christianity. The people I've met the life i want to leave and the new life and direction my life needs to take for me to be truly happy and fulfilled. 

Now i'm not going to tell you completely about the life I've lived cause that would be a silly thing to put on the internet for the world to see besides that i might find i get a knock on the door :)

Lets just say I was a sinner and I've made some mistakes i wasn't born into wealth and I've seen the devil, starred at him in the face and drank a beer with him on many occasions. 

Without making all my family sound bad and i know if my mum reads this she will get all defensive and say "I raised you with love" and yes she did i had some good influences as well.

None the less i had some terrible influences in my life too but they are not to blame, i'm the one that was doing the devils work I'm the one that choose a life of greed, gluttony, revenge and hate.

When my son was born something changed in me, I'm still not even sure what it was. Too say i wanted to be a better man and role model is an understatement and i don't think that really sums up the feeling inside me well enough but that's the simple version of it anyway. (as you can see i'm no word smith i'm just being as real as possible with you right now.)  

The long and short of it all is, i was broke i was separated i was going nowhere, my life was on a one way track to death and my outlook on life was sad and unhappy. I'd hit a dead end and there was no room to u-turn, or so i thought.

How I Found GOD

Well i found god slowly over the course of 3 years and in bits and pieces, signs, dreams, the people i was meeting and the feelings in my heart.

I guess all this lead to me meeting a wonderful woman from Taiwan, who i fell in love with almost instantly. From our first conversation i had this feeling i was going to marry her and she would be in my life forever. 

At this point it wasn't even love at first sight cause id only seen a picture but boy did i hear her heart and words. She was a beacon of light and gods love was strong with this one.

I will never forget the first time i asked her if she wanted to meet up and she replied with sure would you like to come to church. (i said yes but then i never went) we kinda stopped talking for a little bit due to us both being busy. When i started talking to her again she hadn't forgot me. She still wanted to meet me and i thought maybe we should keep it simple, lets just meet up and go for something to eat. 

As you can see i still hadn't found god and even though i was right there i couldn't take the final step i guess i thought i was going to be struck down the moment i entered a church :)

Our first date was Amazing so simple and very romantic in a casual way, we got some food and walked along the river to find a spot to eat. I was starting to unwrap my food when she said can we pray. I was freaking out thinking oh my i can't pray i don't even know what to say i was praying in my head that she would show me and not ask me to do it so i didn't feel like an idiot.

He must of heard me cause she took over and asked me to close my eyes while she prayed for us and our food. I tell you it was like listening to an angel. i knew from then god was real i felt his warmth his love and it wasn't just the girl.

(side note: skip ahead a little bit we are getting married on February 18th 2019 boy am i a lucky man) 

I Talked with her till like 12 o'clock that night on the banks of the river we held hands and listened to worship music. was the most purest loving experience I've ever had. Yes my son being born was beautiful and amazing but it was a different feeling it was equally special in a different way.

Now I go to church, I'm getting ready to be baptised. its not for the girl. this is just how i found god. Though her being an angel did really help. 

Everyone will find god in their own way and it might not be through the words of your future wife it might be through a bible someone hands you because your searching, it could be through a friend that you admire and want to have a little of the love in your heart that you see in them. There are so many ways you can find god but like i said at the beginning its not my way to preach and convert people.

keep searching till you find the answers he is always listening to his children. GOD Does love you always.

Why It's Never Too Late To Find God

Gods love doesn't expire, there's no time limit he's set in place for you. When you are ready he will be waiting with open arms to embrace you and i can honestly say his love is beautiful its so warm and empowering it will really change your life.

but you have to believe wholeheartedly, you cant half ass believe in god you need to let him in and let him be your guide. Now is the time i could read some bible versus but i'll leave that for the preachers its really not what I'm about. Listen or don't listen, judge if you want, be children in the comments, or say i must of been fiddled with by a priest. 

None of that bothers me my love for you all will never change either. It's not my place to judge and topics like this get everyone coming out of the woodwork trolls and goblins, people that love god and other religions even like to say stuff. Everyone is entitled to there opinions and by no means should anyone feel forced or have god jammed down their throat.  

With all that said if i helped you start your search or question if you want to know more about god my suggestion is to find a local church and just walk in, talk to the priest or pastor and ask him questions. 

I'm apart of the christian faith but that might not be for you there's roman catholic as well and many others its not my place to say if one is better than the other but before your baptised make sure you have found the right one for you.

In Jesus name,  Amen 
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  1. I’m so proud of you!!
    The story is amazing!!!
    I can imagine God is dancing and celebrating his child has been found!!!

    God’s plan is always better than ours, it might very different but always greater, I’m so happy that we met each other in his love!
    Praise the lord 🙌🏻💖
    Love Bec.


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