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Sunday, 24 February 2019

Job Hunting Today Is Ridiculous

no hand shakes for job interviews

Job hunting today is ridiculous oh how it's changed from the old days. Seems like long gone are the days where you dress up, comb your hair, put on some Cologne and sell yourself to potential employers.

I'm a huge fan of the new age, computers and all the techie wizardry we have today. I do think we have lost something in this new age and its something we will struggle to get back. With job agencies and online application forms when do you ever get your chance to shine.

In the old days you where taken by how hard you worked it was common to give a day free to a employer so they could see if you where worth your salt. Now it's a long list of stupid questions on an application form that seem more like data mining than weather or not your going to be a good fit for a a particular role.

Just today i was asked on an application form for a pub in Murray Bridge how much coffee i drink and a bunch of other random questions that had nothing todo with anything.

Seems like business are heading more and more away from having that personal touch and are getting a computer or algorithm to see if a human is ok for a job or not.

There are drugs tests to shovel poo these days and a application to follow it up; oh and you need to be savvy enough to apply online. Its poo like really shouldn't i be able to walk in say look I'm willing to shovel poo I'm really over qualified but hey someone has todo it.

You would think so, but no, not in todays society.

This isn't a big rant about this great new age getting away from us all, till robots come destroy the world. this ain't even me venting. Really i just needed a blog post and thought it was something interesting to write about.

The truth is i remember when you had to walk around town or city with a stack of resumes in your bag stopping at every business to build a relationship with them in a few seconds and while do so sell your abilities, skills, strengths and weaknesses or know a guy who knew a guy and thats how you got a job.

In this day in age, even when you walk into a business dressed to impress and a resume in hand they send you straight to a website, where your asked to upload a resume and fill out an application form that asks you the same questions you have already spent ages answering on your resume.

lucky for me I'm only 33 and its not too much of a task to use a computer, but i feel for those with out access or training in how to use one, let alone answer some of the stupid questions people put on those silly application forms.

I'm currently living in a small country town, there are not many jobs here at all it's kinda a word of mouth sorta town and thats great but hey I've only been here for a week so kinda hard to hear the word when there's hardly and mouths talking.

I managed to land an interview working in a compost department in a mushroom farm but hey guess what you need to have a drug test and fill in a bunch of application forms. Like really im gonna be making compost thats gonna contain like what 3 ingredients mushrooms dirt and something else :)

It all just seems way over the top, how Stoned would i have to get to ruin compost, its rotting plant matter its kind of already spoiled as bad as it's gonna get. let alone references from past employers like really the fact I'm here applying for the job should be good enough come on i want to make compost the fact i showed up should make an employer happy. Lets face it it's not a career choice for most and its certainly hasn't got many places to move up to.

I find it all funny, very humorous indeed that people would expect you to be passionate about shovelling shit in this day in age. Im so over qualified for the job yet I'm made to jump through hoops to get it.

But you know what, a job is a job to me. I have a family to feed and a wife to support so i'll do anything to put food on the table, even if it means shovelling rotting mushrooms all day.
God Bless You All.

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