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Thursday, 7 March 2019

Alpha - Is There More To Life Than This?

The Other day our head pastor at mine and my wife's local church suggested we do alpha together. Me being a new Christian and my wife having hosted Alpha before, thought it would be a great idea.

It's a video series that discusses Jesus, God and the holy spirit. It's done in someones home and brings people together and teaches them about God.

It's geared towards new Christians and helps them understand God. It's not just a bunch of videos, it's about challenging yourself and building social interactions with others like yourself while explaining the basics of being a Christian.

Our Alpha host Pastor Mark bettcher & his lovely wife Holly Bettcher are hosting our Alpha group. We went to their house and ate food and drink tea while we watched the first episode of the Alpha video course.

The video above "Is there more to life than this?" is part one and the exact video i watched on Wednesday night this week. It was such a great experience, i wanted to share it here on the blog and link others to this great resource.

Over the next few weeks ill be posting each alpha video as i watch them at pastors Mark's house. We can discuss here about each video with a set of questions you guys can answer in the comments. Follow along and enjoy this great video series.

If you want to watch the whole series ahead of me or even host your own Alpha for your friends, Colleges or family, visit the Alpha website here:

After watching the video ask and answer these 2 questions. 

1. If you where stuck on a desert island what would you take.
2. If you could ask god one question in person what would it be.

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