Being a Christian Is Hard But Worth It

its hard being a christian but worth it

This is a part two to a post i wrote a few days ago, after reading through the post ( Being A Christian Is Hard ) with my wife we realised that i made it sound like being a Christian seemed like it was too hard and would scare people off from the religion.This was not my intention.

So today i want to follow this post up with some of the more brighter sides of being a christian.

Why being a christian is worth it 

Lets talk frankly about why being a Pentecostal Christian is worth it. I myself came from a hard life and when i became a christian i felt like my sins where lifted and my burdens eased. I will admit that even though in some cases it's harder to deal with situations, purely because i have to be more methodical and act in love and forgiveness more than act on impulse and ego. I feel life is way more rewarding spiritually and my heart is less troubled.

Even though dealing with some situations can be harder, in the long run I'm much more comfortable in life, because i know the decisions i make are the right ones and honour gods word. In turn this makes my life happy and less stressed and who doesn't want a happy and stress free life.

Always Having A Friend To Talk To

Always being able to find like minded people is nice. It's quite obvious that Christians are abundant. Being able to make friends in faith is not very hard, this is great because you can build real friendships in pretty much any place in the world.

These friendships tend to be built on a solid foundation, the foundation that god has made. Some of my closest friends these days are Christian and it's not even by choice it's purely because these friendships are strong, pure, honest and truly caring real friendships.

Family Growth & Focus

Being a christian is amazing if your whole family is christian, the love your family creates when it's in a room together is magical. I honestly wonder why i bothered trying to have relationships without god in my life. Christian family can be so happy it's enough to make some people sick, they smile they laugh that communicate and they care about one another.

Now I'm not saying other families don't have these same qualities but with a christian family it's 10x. The level of respect for each other is amazing, support levels are off the scale and christian families really talk not just ask how your day was. 

I know my local church really focuses on families, they want family unity to be the focus of the community not just the church and not only on Sunday. Church in home and home is church. It's beautiful. it's a blessed and wonderful environment to raise children in and to have a wonderful happy rewarding life with your partner full of equal respect and love.

Forgiveness Of Self & Others

Ok this one is huge but i think it's an important reason why being a christian is so worth it. Unforgiveness kills people in side, and i think being a christian really helps you see why you should forgive. Check this video i shared on the blog, it's part 3 in a Alpha video course (Link: Why Did Jesus Die) it's all about forgiveness, sin and why Jesus Died. It's a must watch and helps you understand why forgiveness of all things is so important for yourself.

If you like the alpha video start the weekly video course It's totally FREEEE (Link  ) it's basically and introduction video course to becoming / being a christian, Christianity 101 if you would.

Being a christian really helps you to be able to forgive and forgive in the right way, for the right reasons and be honest about why your forgiving things too.

Life Is Always Blessed & Happy 

I really could keep adding subheadings and make this post a million words long, adding every point i can to prove to you why being a Pentecostal christian is so worth it. The truth and the simplest way to explain it is life is blessed and happy in every aspect. Love life, family life, community life, friendship life, work life, you name it when life is built on gods word life is just better and this is the fundamental reason why being a christian is so worth it.

As normal my little saints God bless you all and have a wonderful weekend.
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