Being a Christian Is Hard

Being a Christian is hard and is in no way an easy journey. Our pastor at our local church said this in a sermon just the other day and it's something my wife an i talk about often.

The fact of it is, being a christian is difficult, it's much easier to get angry loose control, yell, scream and be nasty to people especially people who have done you wrong or caused you harm.

Challenges I've Faced Being A Christian 

I find myself being challenged often by this. For example the other day at work a guy i know that sells drugs at work and smokes it himself, told the boss i was on my phone. I was told off by my boss for being on my phone and the guy that sells drugs was given a pat on the back for being a good worker.

It's just one of those things. Now i could have yelled and been nasty but instead i apologised for being on my phone and left it alone. Now if i wasn't a christian i would of ranted and raved and probably got into a fight with the guy.

Instead i took the high road and gave them nothing more to complain about. This is just one example. but i could mention many more.

Being Humble Is Hard

The fact of it is that being humble is much harder than being a jerk. You see it all the time, think about how you deal with situations currently. If your a christian you probably take things as a lesson god is giving you to overcome. If your not a christian or a new one you probably don't think about it as a lesson and you go straight to defensive and start getting angry.

Getting angry is the devil at work, he wants you to be angry, upset and at a loss. God wants you to be happy and wants you to overcome things in a positive way. God has a habit of taking you the long way around sometimes too.

For example a guy from our church just won a battle of cancer only to die the weekend after in a motorcycle accident. Now if he hadn't won that battle of cancer, he may never have found god.

Life was hard before i became a christian it always felt like i was in a war with everyone, so many fights so much anger. It was like i was an evil super hero i'd dream of setting the world on fire with my mind. I was self destructive and a drunk.

Now I've found god i find life is much better but when I'm challenged with things id normally get mad about or run to the liquor store to mask the pain, now i have to deal with them in a nice way. having forgiveness for people id normally not want to forgive or show kindness too is much harder than just getting pissed off at them.

Now i'm talking about people doing you wrong but that's just an example of why being a christian is hard. The truth is being a christian is hard because you know what god expects from you and you don't want to let him down or loose yourself. You become more aware of his teachings and what it takes to stay in his love and light and so when issues or challenges are presented in your life, dealing with them in negative ways won't do you any good and so this makes being a christian hard.

Staying Happy Humble And Honest Is Challenging 

Always trying to stay positive, happy, humble, honest and good is a real challenge. Living a life of no sin is difficult. Just because someone wrongs you or hurts you, hurting them back is not right and is a sin it's that simple.

So if your a christian and are facing issues leave an comment we can talk, i'd love to chat with you. if your not a christian and want to deal with a situation in the right way leave a comment too maybe we can all help you find a better solution to your problem that will bring you closer to god at the same time.

As always God Loves you all and i hope your week is blessed.
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