The Power Of Prayer

Today i want to talk about the power of prayer. Recently i have been tested and have been praying for every little problem in my life.

From simple stuff like finding enough money to make a phone call, to finding a job and a house in the area and country town my wife and i want to live in.

As i said in one of the first post on this blog (Finding GOD it's never to late.) Im a new christian and I've never really been one to pray, And never as much as i have been. I'm just so Moved how powerful prayer can be, I can honestly say it truly works.

Having prayed with my wife and having people at our local church (LifeHouse, formally known as CFC.) praying for us to find a house, and me a job. God blessed us with the perfect house, He also blessed me with a great job. he was gracious enough to make it all in the area and town we where looking for.

I have to add he did all this in a week. We can now stay close to our church, if thats not gods work, i don't know what is. Basically everything i have prayed for over the last few weeks i have been blessed enough to receive it.

Now maybe i'm just lucky, maybe there are other factors to consider. I don't want to look into it too much, For me and my wife prayer works and if you have faith, hope and pray often god will bless you too.

I've said it before i don't want to preach to people, i certainly never want to force feed god down people's throats. But God is doing something to the world right now. There is a change coming. people are hearing him for the first time and he is most awesomely making his presence felt.

Pray tonight with your family listen to this beautiful worship song, ask our mighty god to bless you, your family & friends.

Over the next few weeks you will see lots being added to this blog. A change is coming here too. My wife and I are making this a project we want to work on together. We want to spread the word of god.

I'm good at websites, making them, coding them, all that good techie stuff. She is great at helping me do it all and she keeps me on my path. So with that said, expect great changes and much more content for you.

Embrace god today he never stopped listening and loving you. if you want to ease into it try this great website -, It offers great ways to read the bible and get your daily devotionals.

Compatible with Pc, Android and iPhone. With a great apps for the kids and adults. If your not a big reader don't worry your daily devotionals can be read to you with the click of a button and best of all it's 100% free.

Theres no excuse to not hear gods word, its made 1,2,3 simple with the YouVersion bible app.

Have a blessed Sunday, God bless you all.
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