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Friday, 8 March 2019

My Prayer For The Week 1

Prayer Week 1

Dear Lord, Tonight i pray for the world. I pray for wisdom to understand why things are so. You are great lord and I'm blessed to know you. First i want to thank you for all the good you do in this world, i know people only like to see the bad, but you do so much good.

I want to pray for guidance to be more humble and patient, to love more and be kind to all people. Im so thankful lord that you have changed my life. My life is so blessed.

I want to ask for help with my finances and help dealing with the problems you know i have coming up soon. Protect me and keep me safe. Support me and stay with me as i go through them.

I know with you by my side nothing is impossible and ill come out the other side wiser and smarter from it. Thank you lord for watching over me, my son, my wife and family. thanks for always being there for us.

I'd also like to pray for my readers of my blog lord, I know i may not have ever met them or know them or their situation. I'd like you to look after them too and guide them in only the way you know how and see fit. Show your love too them, let them see how amazing you are.

Sooth there burdens and and bless them with your love and light.

In Jesus name

Amen  🙏

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